How I Got Acquainted With A Real Writer

Is it an occupational hazard that as a woman who writes, I have a hard time calling myself a writer? My essay about struggling with imposter syndrome and meeting my “real writer” friend is at Brevity. Read it here.

Why It’s So Hard To Let My Kids Fail


via Role Reboot

The advice is clear. If we want to raise resourceful and successful children, we need to give them opportunities to fail and learn from those failures. We can’t save them from every obstacle or hardship they encounter. I get it. Still, I find myself — an educated, responsible adult who reads smart books like Lahey’s — wondering, Why can’t I follow through?

Have I Disappeared Since Becoming a Mom?

Have you ever felt you’re becoming invisible as you get older?  My take on it, in On Parenting at The Washington Post.

I have hit rock bottom.

A few days ago, I was walking downtown.  A man walked toward me, his face stubbled, his soiled hands clutching plastic shopping bags.  An oversized jacket hung loose and undone from his thin frame.  As we passed each other, a low voice spoke out. “Nice legs mommy.”

I know a modern woman raised on feminist principles should oppose, even abhor, such behavior.  Yet, as I walked by, I felt a bit lighter. Dare I say a smile crept across my face. Read more here

An Open Letter to The Guy Who Discovered the 10,000 Hour Rule



For anyone who has ever felt that driving our kids to achieve “mastery” is driving us all crazy, here is my open letter on McSweeney’s Internet Tendency.

Dear Mr. Psychologist/Scientist guy,

I only have a minute. Do you know why? Because the other ten thousand hours of my life are tied up schlepping my kids between elite hockey tournaments and Suzuki recitals. Which brings me to my point.

Remember that crap you made up about needing 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” to master a skill? You know, your big discovery that was co-opted by Malcolm Gladwell. (By the way, sorry about that. Maybe you should have put a few thousand hours into trademarking your work.) Anyway, I’m sure it’s true, but it’s made life hell for me and every other parent I know.  Read more here.